What sort of Balloon Fetish Inflates a Rutland Man’s Life

What sort of Balloon Fetish Inflates a Rutland Man’s Life

February 26, 2014

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  • Caleb Kenna
  • Chris Burney

Leather or latex, high heel pumps or handcuffs — as it pertains to fetishes, “You can connect your erotic has to anything, ” states Burlington sexologist that is clinical H. Golden.

For Chris Burney, “anything” is balloons. As well as for years, Burney, whom turns 30 this week, kept that kink a key, convinced that no body else could perhaps find sexual satisfaction in one thing since strange as inflating and popping a balloon.

Ends up, he’s not the only one. Now Burney is a normal in an exciting community that is online of “looners, ” in which he’s talking down about his fetish.

Fetishes “are this type of taboo, and never people that are many, ” Burney states. “I do not wish other folks to feel ashamed. “

Burney is what’s understood when you look at the looner community as a “popper” — an individual who gets off on balloons popping. In footage shot for the Learning Channel’s show “Strange Intercourse, ” he seems excited, breathless and a little stressed while he blows up an orange balloon that is enormous. “that has been awesome, ” he claims, giddy and shaking, following the balloon pops.

Carrying it out himself is sufficient to bring him to orgasm. But, until they burst as he explains in a YouTube video called “Why I Have a Balloon Fetish, ” he especially loves watching women blow up balloons.

If that hits you as hard to know, join the club.

“we nevertheless even today do not understand why it will it in my situation, nonetheless it makes me personally delighted, ” states Burney, who’sn’t bashful about speaking about the niche over coffee in a downtown Rutland cafe. He sports a goatee and close-cropped locks, along side lip and eyebrow piercings. A big guy who, until a few years ago, had a big secret at 6-foot-7, he’s a soft-spoken, gentle-giant type. Read more