Find resorts in Norway right here

Find resorts in Norway right here

26. Jesus will not live here any longer

Norwegians became Christians by force by Olav the Holy (they need to have experienced this one coming) from 1015 to 1028, but still make use of a few of the old Christian guidelines like shut stores on Sunday and holiday that is public on Christianity. Norwegians are perhaps maybe not Christian, though. It will almost always be half empty if you step inside of a church on a Sunday. Up to some years back it had been unlawful to dancing on some public (Christian) vacations. The relationship between Jesus and Norwegians are just like the EU to their relationship.

27. Norwegians are blond

88 percent of Norwegians have actually blue eyes or eyes that are green the best in European countries. 75 % of all males that are adult light locks (which means that one thing except that really dark, and includes red). It’s a misconception that Norwegians have actually red hair, that’s mostly Irish and people that are scottish. It had been the Celts whom probably had the hair that is red the Vikings brought it right straight back if they farmed and settled in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland (for example. Pillaged and raped).

28. Grandiosa

Here is the dish that is national of. They may attempt to persuade you it’s Farikal (Sheep boiled with cabbage), but many Norwegians – understandably – does not consume that. Read more